Mercedes Vito Camper: The ideal motorhome with BOXIO integration

Mercedes Vito Camper: Das ideale Reisemobil mit BOXIO-Integration

Smart van for camping? We have an idea! The Mercedes-Benz Vito is not only a great vehicle for everyday use, but also cuts a fine figure on the campsite or pitch. Whether you opt for a Vito and convert it into a camper van yourself or a camper such as the Mercedes Marco Polo, the luxurious van is ideal if you like to travel in comfort. Despite its compact size, you don't have to sacrifice features such as a Camping toilet for on the go . Here we show you how this works and why the Vito is the perfect touring vehicle!

Why does the BOXIO fit perfectly in the Mercedes Vito?

The practical BOXIO toilet fits perfectly in your Mercedes Marco Polo! You can simply place it between the driver and passenger seatsand also use it as a storage surface. If you decide to convert a Mercedes Vito yourself, you also have great options for placing your portable toilet - how about under the bed or in the trunk, for example? The small dry toilet really does fit anywhere - even on the roof!

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What makes the Mercedes Vito so suitable for camping?

Mercedes Vito and camping? Of course! The Mercedes-Benz Vito van is the ideal choice for camping and vanlife adventures. With its spacious interior, it offers plenty of room for comfortable overnight stays. Thanks to its robust construction and reliable performance, the van masters even demanding roads and off-road passages with ease. With your Mercedes-Benz Vito Camper, you will experience the ultimate feeling of freedom and collect unforgettable travel memories.

By the way: The Mercedes-Benz Vito Transporter can also be transformed into a camper van. We explain how to do this below!

Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer red

Is a Mercedes Vito Camper with pop-top roof recommended?

A camper variant of the Vito - for example a Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo - with a pop-top roof is definitely worth considering. The roof offers additional space and enables comfortable standing and free movement. It increases the living space and creates a pleasant atmospherein the car. With a pop-top roof for your Vito Camper, you can fully exploit the potential of your vehicle and use the vehicle roof as additional living or sleeping space.

What are the 4 key advantages of the Vito?

The Mercedes-Benz Vito offers numerous advantages over many other campers:

  1. It is characterized by outstanding vehicle quality and excellent workmanship, which make it durable and reliable.
  2. Its comfortable and well-equipped interior ensures a pleasant travel experience.
  3. With advanced driver assistance systems and active safety technologies, it has first-class safety equipment.
  4. Thanks to efficient engines and advanced fuel-saving technologies, the Vito offers lower operating coststhan many competitors, which pays off especially on long journeys.

What belongs in every Mercedes-Benz Vito Camper?

Every Mercedes-Benz Vito Camper should have a few important equipment featuresto make the most of the vanlife experience. These include, for example, a spacious interior, auxiliary heating for cozy temperatures, air conditioning for comfort on hot days, a well-equipped kitchen for preparing meals on the go and a navigation system for easy orientation when traveling.

Tip: Read our article "6 must-haves for the ultimate mini camper adventure" to find out which equipment elements are essential for smaller campers!

Bialetti stovetop coffee maker and cup, on a van gas stove

Would you like to build your own Mercedes Vito campervan conversion? You can find out what you need to bear in mind in our practical tips:

How to convert the Mercedes Vito into a campervan

There are various ways to convert the Vito into a camper van. Typical conversion measures include the installation of seating and sleeping accommodation, kitchen units, storage space, insulation, electrics and water installations.


To equip a Vito with a comfortable sleeping option, you can use a folding or pull-out bed system. Alternatively, a fixed bed can also be installed in the rear of the Vito. Very important for a comfortable sleeping environment: darken the windows and doors.


If you want to equip your Mercedes Vito with a kitchen, you can either opt for a mobile camping kitchen with gas stove or hotplate or install a fixed kitchen unit with hob, sink and storage space.

Tip: If you want a particularly practical camping-sink look no further than the BOXIO-Wash. It is a real insider tip for all outdoor enthusiasts, as the sink does not require any electricity or water connection, so you can use it anywhere and take it with you.


Whether it's for washing your hands after using the toilet, washing up in between or brushing your teeth in the evening - make sure you get our portable camping sink!
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Create storage space

To create storage space in the Vito, you can use custom-made cabinets and shelves on the walls or modular storage systems such as stackable boxes. You can also use the space under the bed for Euroboxes. Hanging nets or bags offer additional storage space.

Tip: Always work with a Eurobox system. This also allows you to easily determine the height of the bed frame.


Special foam panels or insulating foils are suitable for insulating your Mercedes Vito. Insulating the van may not be as much fun, but good insulation ensures a pleasant interior climate, regardless of the outside temperatures.

Installing the electrics and water

There are a few steps to follow to install the power and water supply in your Vito camper van conversion: For the electrics, you can install a separate battery system that is charged via solar cells, for example. This then supplies elements such as lighting, sockets or even a 12-volt cool box. For the water supply, it is best to install a water tank that is connected to a sink via a pump. You can also install a waste water tank or a gray water pipe to collect the dirty water.

Ensure hygiene

Would you like a Mercedes Vito camper van with WC? To ensure good hygiene in your Vito camper van, you can use a separating toilet such as the BOXIO-Toilet. This toilet separates urine and solids, minimizes odours and makes emptying easier. It offers a compact and hygienic solution without a separate sanitary room. However, regular cleaning and correct disposal are important to ensure hygiene in the vehicle.

Lovers on a campsite near a lake. Man and woman in warm clothes by the lake in the forest.

Mercedes Vito Camper: Conclusion

The Mercedes-Benz Vito (as a van, converted van or Marco Polo) is a compact camper that still offers enough space for van life. It is maneuverable, reliable and offers a wide range of equipment options. If you want to go one step further, equip your Vito with the BOXIO toilet and ensure an absolutely comfortable travel experience. The special feature of the urine-diverting toilet is its super-practical Eurobox format. This means it also fits into small motorhomes such as the Mercedes Marco Polo and its discreet design means it doesn't even stand out as a toilet!

Mercedes Vito Camper: FAQ

What is the best Mercedes Vito?

There are different variants of the Vito, each offering different advantages and uses, so the assessment of the "best" model depends on individual needs and preferences.

Can you sleep in a Mercedes Vito?

Yes, you can convert the van so that you can sleep comfortably in it, for example with a Vito camper van conversion.

What does a Mercedes Vito bus cost?

The price of a new Mercedes-Benz Vito varies depending on the equipment and model variant. If you buy a used Mercedes Vito Camper, you will also pay different prices depending on its age, condition and equipment. It is advisable to check current offers from dealers or online platforms to obtain accurate price information.


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