Freedom on four wheels: Discover the Volkswagen T5 Camper with BOXIO!

Freiheit auf vier Rädern: Entdecke den Volkswagen T5 Camper mit BOXIO!

Who isn't familiar with the VW T5 Camper? Over the last few decades, it has established itself as the ideal companion for adventures and travel. For some years now, it has also been used for Vanlife very popular, especially as DIY extension. This article is the ultimate Volkswagen T5 Camper Guidefor long and short trips. We focus in particular on the features that every van should have - such as a practical BOXIO dry toilet that you can easily take with you and stow away!

Why does the BOXIO simply fit every VW T5?

Whether new or used: The BOXIO-Toiletmakes your (camping) life easier. You can store it almost anywhere in the bus because it is extremely compact. Tip: It can also be easily pulled from the trunk to the front (or vice versa). Place it in the passenger compartment during the journey and let your companions use it as a footrest! It also serves well as a shelf for your provisions (especially if you don't want to set up an extra table). If you're not using BOXIO as a toilet, take it with you anyway and use the practical Euroboxto store your camping gear!

BOXIO - TOILET Plus composting toilet starter kit

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BOXIO - TOILET Plus composting toilet starter kit

Which model variants of the VW T5 are available?

The T5 is a very versatile model with different equipment variants. The best versions for camping adventures are the T5 Multivan, which is designed as a spacious and comfortable family van with a flexible seating arrangement and generous space, and the T5 California, a model with a practical kitchenette and comfortable sleeping facilities. This makes the camper not only suitable for family outings, but also for traveling or vanlife. It is an excellent choice for anyone who values freedom, flexibility and comfort on vacation.

VW T5 Boxio

What advantages does a VW T5 have over other vans?

The most important advantages of the VW Bulli T5 compared to other campervans:

  • Varied model selection: VW offers various models such as the Multivan, the Transporter and the California to meet different requirements.
  • Large amount of space: The T5 is known for its generous amount of space, both for passengers and for luggage or camping equipment.
  • High-quality workmanship:Volkswagen stands for quality and durability, which is also reflected in the VW Bulli.
  • Known dealer network: VW has a comprehensive service network that facilitates the maintenance and repair of the T5.
  • Extensive equipment options: The T5 offers various equipment packages and extras for individual needs and preferences. These include, for example, LED headlights, multifunction steering wheel, all-weather tires, navigation system, alloy wheels, panoramic roof or a practical parking aid.
  • Economical and powerful engines:The diesel engines in the Volkswagen T5 are renowned for their fuel efficiency and performance.
  • Proven design: The T5 has a timeless and functional design that is popular with many camping enthusiasts.
  • Popularity in the community: The VW T5 is widely used, which facilitates access to experiences and tips in the T5 community.
  • Good value retention: The T5 often retains its value better than some other camper van models.
  • Comfort and driving experience: The T5 offers a pleasant driving experience on long journeys.

What belongs in every VW campervan?

Every VW T5 Camper should have a few basic features and functions that make the vehicle a fully-fledged touring vehicle:

  • Sleeping facilities:A comfortable bed or sleeping accommodation such as a pull-out rear seat so that you can rest while driving or camping.
  • Kitchenette: A small kitchenette with a hotplate or camping stove and a sink to prepare simple meals and wash the dishes.

Cooking Boxio

Tip: Fancy a handy camping sink? Then the BOXIO-Washis just the thing for you! This mobile washbasin is a real insider tip for all outdoor fans, as it does not require a power or water connection and can therefore be used anywhere and easily taken with you.

  • Storage space: Sufficient storage space for clothes, food, camping equipment and personal items so that you can store everything neatly and tidily.
  • Sitting area: A comfortable place to sit and eat inside or relax when the weather outside isn't playing ball.
  • Electrics: A supply system with a battery or a connection option for external power sources to supply electronic devices with power.
  • Water: A water supply with fresh and waste water tanks and a pump or other means of drawing, using and disposing of water.
  • Insulation and ventilation: Good insulation and ventilation to keep the inside of the camper comfortable in different weather conditions.
  • Windows and privacy screens: Windows for daylight and views and curtains or screens for privacy and protection from sunlight.
  • Camping table and chairs: A portable camping table and camping chairs for outdoor activities.

Camping chairs Boxio VW T5

How to convert the Volkswagen T5 into a camper

Would you like to try your hand at converting your own T5 campervan? Converting the VW T5 into a campervan is an exciting undertaking that requires various steps and good preparation:

Planning and collecting ideas

  • Define your needs and requirements for the conversion: What functions should the camper have? (sleeping area, kitchenette, storage space, etc.)
  • Let yourself be inspired by other camper van conversions and do some research on the internet to gather ideas for your layout and equipment.

Basic equipment

  • Clean out the interior of the T5 and remove unnecessary panels and seats to make room for the interior fittings.

Sleeping and seating space

  • Build a sleeping area that can be converted into a seat if required. This can be a foldable or extendable construction.

Kitchen unit

  • Design and build a kitchen unit with a hob or camping stove top.
  • Integrate a sink or a dishwashing facility such as the BOXIO-Wash.
  • Make sure there is enough space for cooking utensils and food.

Storage space and cupboards

  • Planned cupboards and shelves for clothing, equipment and personal items.
  • Use the available space optimally to keep everything well organized.

Electrics and lighting

  • Install an electrical system with a battery or a connection option for external power sources.
  • Provide lighting if required.

Water system

  • Plan a water supply with a fresh water tank and a waste water tank.
  • Integrate a pump or other means of extracting and disposing of water.

Tee Time Boxio VW T5

Tip: If you want to ensure first-class hygiene in your VW van, the BOXIO-Toilet is the perfect choice. This smart toilet solution separates urine and solids, reduces unpleasant odors and makes disposal a breeze.


Whether it's for washing your hands after using the toilet, washing up in between or brushing your teeth in the evening - make sure you get our portable camping sink!
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  • Make sure you have good insulation to keep your campervan comfortable in different weather conditions.

Interior equipment and decoration

  • Customize the interior to suit your taste and personal style.
  • Add curtains or screens to ensure privacy and sun protection

Tip: Are you looking for more inspiration for your T5 camping conversion? Then take a look at our blog. Articles such as "Vanlife interior fittings for a comfortable journey" or "Vanlife accessories: the right things always with you!" can give you additional ideas.

Vanlife Boxio

5 tips for buying a used Volkswagen T5 campervan

Want to buy a used VW T5 camper van? If you're looking for a used vehicle, there are some important aspects you should consider to make sure you find the ideal vehicle for your vanlife adventures:

1st model

  • Consider which T5 model suits you best: Multivan, Transporter or California.
  • Look at the camper's equipment options to make sure it offers the features and extras you want.

2. condition and mileage

  • Check the condition of the camper carefully, especially for signs of rust or accident damage.
  • Pay attention to the vehicle's mileage, as this can give an indication of wear and tear and possible repair costs.

3. maintenance and service history

  • Ask about the camper's maintenance and service history to ensure that regular inspections and repairs have been carried out.
  • Search only for vehicles with a complete and traceable maintenance history.

4. Test drive and functionality

  • Take an extensive test drive to check the handling and functionality of the camper
  • .
  • Test all functions, including the electrical systems, kitchen equipment and other extras.

5. Price comparison and VB

  • Compare the prices of similar T5 campers on the market to make sure you're getting a fair deal.
  • Negotiate the price and don't let yourself be rushed by a tempting offer, but take your time for a thorough check.

Volkswagen T5 Camper: Conclusion

Whether you buy a new or used Volkswagen VW T5 Camper: The van immediately becomes a faithful companion in everyday life and when traveling. As a camper van is always a big investment, we recommend renting a VW T5 Camper first before you fully embrace van life.

Whether you rent or buy, we can already tell you one thing: as the campervan is not a fully equipped motorhome with an integrated bathroom, sooner or later the toilet situation will become an issue. If you don't want to do without a mobile toilet, we recommend the BOXIO. It fits perfectly in the trunk or directly in the passenger compartment and is not even noticeable as a toilet. That's a promise!


Flexible shower head for your BOXIO - WASH!
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