Do you have a question about BOXIO or your order? Take a look through the frequently asked questions to see if your answer is already there.

When will I receive my order?

You can hardly wait to finally get your BOXIO - TOILET. Of course we understand that and work every day to complete everything perfectly and quickly.

Can I change my order later?

Unfortunately, it is only possible for us to change your order manually within the first 24 hours. For orders that are longer in the past, it is usually easier to place another order.

Up to what weight can the BOXIO - TOILET be loaded?

The BOXIO - TOILET can be loaded up to a weight of 150 kg.

Can I vary the height of the BOXIO - TOILET with standard Euro boxes?

All BOXIO products can be stacked and combined. They are compatible with many Euroboxes, but not all.

In order to achieve an increase in the toilet, we have developed the BOXIO - TOILET UP .

I need a spare part.

Here you can find all spare parts for the BOXIO - TOILET: SPARE PARTS

I lost my instructions.

You can download the instructions for the BOXIO - TOILET here: Instructions for the BOXIO - TOILET


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