Field reports and tests of the BOXIO - TOILET

BOXIO tested at Womo.Blog

In the current issue of Camping and Motorhome News & Innovations 04/2022 from you will find a first field report on the BOXIO - TOILET.

Jürgen Rode's is probably one of the best-known test portals for camping, mobile homes and van life.

In this review, Jürgen describes his experience with the BOXIO - TOILET and gives his assessment of the seat height and handling with the TOILET UP.

In the Motorhome News & Innovations 04/2022 there is a test of the BOXIO-TOILET , but also of the BOXIO-TOILET UP . Afterwards our new BOXIO - CLIPS can also be seen in picture and sound:

BOXIO in the Mercedes Benz Marco Polo?

How well does the BOXIO - TOILET fit into the Marco Polo with rear pull-out? The "Marco Polo my life" channel investigates this question with a detailed test.

test result? Henning sums it up well in the comments: "In my opinion, this is the best solution for the MP".

You can see the whole test here:

BOXIO unboxing for adventure strollers

Anja and Kai from Kanal Erlebnisbummlern made a detailed unboxing video for the BOXIO - TOILET with their dogs Jessie & Paula on May 22nd, 2022.

Ultimate comparison of the separation toilet BOXIO vs. DIY

The guys from Halb So Wild compared our BOXIO separation toilet with their self-made DIY models. They show you how the separation toilets work and compare the models.

You can see the whole comparison here:

Adventure stroller with BOXIO conclusion after three months

After the unboxing in May 2022, Anja and Kai from Kanal Erlebnisbummler have been using the BOXIO - TOILET for three months now. In the video you can see the detailed conclusion.

Wild camping & the thing with the toilet

How do you do that with the toilet? This question is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions that Anna gets from travel- loving . The topic of going to the toilet when wild camping is definitely one, as you can easily see from the mountains of toilet paper in some places.

However, it is not so easy to stow away a toilet in her mini camper Hedwig. That's why Anna was very happy to be able to test the BOXIO - TOILET.

here you can find her testimonial.

BOXIO - dry separating toilet in the Micro Camper?

There's no place for it! Jochen from spike05 thought so too until now. He wouldn't have been able to integrate most of the solutions in his camper either. Above all, the overall height was always a criterion.

Luckily he is on BOXIO came across one that fits exactly into his vehicle and has tested it extensively.

You can find his results here.

BOXIO - The separation toilet for everyone

Peter from is a passionate camper. For him, being a little easier on the road doesn't mean being uncomfortable on the road.

There is always the somewhat tiresome subject of the “toilet”. In his opinion, one should visit a real toilet, but in any case not "bless" the forest with its legacies.

Here you can find his practical experiences with BOXIO.

Does the separation toilet really work?

Marianne and Markus from had a chemical toilet in their camper for a few years. It is important to both of them to have a practical toilet with them.

After they saw a dry toilet at their friends', Markus went to research. In doing so, he came across our BOXIO urine-diverting toilet. During their two-week trip, they took a close look at them.

here you will find her practical experiences with BOXIO.


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