Camping tips for beginners: basic equipment and Co

Camping-Tipps für Anfänger: Grundausstattung und Co

Camping tips for beginners: basic equipment & co

Blue skies, surrounded by nature, between lakes and mountains and a fresh cup of coffee in the morning - for many people, this is what a perfect vacation looks like.

What could be better than getting into your own camper and driving off until you reach the perfect camping spot?

Don't have a suitable vehicle? Never mind! Grab a tent and have a great camping vacation with the help of the following camping tips!

In this article, you'll find camping tips for

  1. the right basic equipment,

  2. the right accommodation

  3. different pitches, and

  4. the most popular destinations.

You'll also find tips and tricks for DIY campervan conversions.

Vier Freunde sitzen am Lagerfeuer vor einem Camper und essen Marshmallows

#1 The right accommodation

Especially as a camping beginner, it can be difficult to choose the right camping accommodation from the many options available. The simplest option for a camping vacation is a tent.

There are different types of tent that you can choose from as a camping beginner:

Dome tent

Dome tents are particularly suitable for trekkers and mountaineers. They are lightweight and stable. This means that they don't weigh you down on a hike, while still being robust enough to allow you to camp on steep ground and rocky terrain.

Another advantage is that dome tents don't take up much space and can be pitched in limited areas.

Zwei Personen sitzen am Lagerfeuer vor ihrem Zelt am Seeufer bei Nacht

Tunnel tent

This type of tent is particularly suitable for hikers in flat vacation regions. The tent is spacious and offers plenty of room, making a camping vacation comfortable even for several people.

Tunnel tents also weigh very little and are therefore easy to take with you on a hike. However, the pitch should be large enough, as the tent takes up a lot of space.

Geodesic tents

If your vacation destination is known for stormy weather, you should opt for a geodesic tent. With its extremely robust frame, which is supported by several poles, this type of tent is one of the most stable .

The disadvantages of this tent are its high weight and long set-up time.

Family tents or comfort tents

As the name suggests, family tents are suitable for families. There is also enough space for a dog in this type of tent. As they offer a high level of comfort and are very spacious , you will mainly find family tents on campsites.

We recommend that you always buy a slightly larger family tent than you actually need for the number of people. This way, you also have enough storage space for all your equipment and provisions.

Motorhome & caravan

Buying a motorhome or caravan is expensive and time-consuming. You should therefore take your time to consider what needs your vehicle should meet before you buy.

The following questions will help you do this:

  • How many people do you want to take on a camping vacation?

  • How big should the caravan or motorhome be?

  • How much storage space do you need for luggage and vanlife accessories?

  • Would you like to travel in luxury or minimalist style?

  • Will it be a simple place to stay overnight or do you want to live in it?

  • Which equipment would you like? For example, do you need a camping kitchen and a wet room in the motorhome/caravan?

  • Are you planning to use your camping vehicle wild camping and off-road driving?

  • How much do you want to invest in your motorhome or caravan?

  • Should part of the budget be used to convert your camper or should the vehicle meet all your requirements when you buy it?

There are many different types of motorhomes and caravans, which differ significantly in terms of their basic equipment, size and price category. Set a price that you don't want to exceed when buying a camping vehicle. It is cheaper if you look for used motorhomes or caravans on the Internet. You can also save money if you pay cash instead of financing the vehicle.

For beginners who want to try out the camper life for the first time, we recommend renting a caravan or motorhome first.

Wohnmobil auf einer Wiese vor Bergkulisse


Which pitch is best for you depends on who you are traveling with and your individual needs. We have general tips for families, couples and single travelers as well as for all dog owners who want to have their furry friend with them when camping.

For families

For families with children, child-friendly campsites with green areas, playgrounds and activities are ideal. Leisure activities such as entertainment programs, sports activities and games allow children to have an unforgettable time on vacation and offer you a short break.

For couples or solo travelers

If you're not a complete novice to camping, you have complete freedom of choice when it comes to choosing a campsite and can pick and choose according to your own preferences.

Without children, you are more flexible, free and unbound - so why settle down in just one place? Plan a road trip or visit a few selected camping locations. If you value a quiet pitch, you can look for child-free pitches. pitches or go camping outside of campsites.

For dog owners

Green campsites are particularly suitable for dog owners. If a campsite has a lake or large meadows, your four-legged friend will feel at home. Natural areas invite you to let off steam and are particularly popular with dog owners because there is less need to be considerate of large crowds and road traffic.

Tip: Choose a campsite close to your home town, as long car journeys are stressful for many four-legged friends. Not only that, but an additional positive side effect is that you can camp sustainably thanks to lower CO2 emissions. sustainable camping can.

Zwei Hunde gucken aus dem Eingang eines Zelts auf den Wald


Before their first camping vacation, all camping beginners probably ask themselves the same question: What do I need to take with me? Especially as an inexperienced beginner, it is difficult to estimate what you will need for your camping trip. To answer this question, benefit from the experiences of other campers or get inspiration and tips from camping apps.

The advantage of camping apps is that they not only have valuable camping tips regarding basic equipment, but also provide information about pitches, campsites and caravan accessories. Campers can also share their experiences, reveal insider tips from various countries or help plan a trip to trip to Europe Europe.

Since camping life requires different equipment from place to place, it is often difficult for camping beginners to keep track of everything. Checklists are very helpful when packing and can be found on almost every camping website.

For newcomers, it can be helpful to test the equipment before camping so that nothing can go wrong on the campsite. Whether it's a night in a sleeping bag, setting up the tent in the garden or practicing reversing the caravan - slowly get used to your new role as a camper!

When you realize that you still vanlife accessories or have bought something wrong, you can rectify the mistake before your trip and get alternatives.

Before you go camping, you should check that the following items are safely stowed in the camper van:

  • Basic equipment for the tent or motorhome such as pegs, awning or tow rope

  • Hygiene items such as toilet paper, mobile washbasin and solar shower

  • Items for personal hygiene such as shampoo, shower gel, cream etc.

  • Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, pillow or comforter

  • Cooking accessories such as camping stove, pots, crockery, cutlery, pans, etc.

  • Cool box, to protect food from spoiling and to cool drinks

  • Suitable clothing

  • Food as provisions

  • Activity material such as games, books, laptop, tablet, etc.


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Canned ravioli and packet soups are not enough to feed you for your entire camping vacation. To avoid a hungry slump, you should think about what provisions you want to take with you.

Many foods can be bought fresh at campsites or in town, and the markets when traveling also offer a wide selection of fresh foods.

However, you should still have a basic supply of food in your camper. With simple basic ingredients, you can conjure up delicious little menus that can be enhanced with freshly bought food. So pack a few basic ingredients from the outset and plan where and when you can buy more food if necessary.

This belongs in the basic food kit:

  • Milk

  • pasta

  • Canned tomatoes

  • oil

  • Spices (salt, pepper)

  • Sausage/cheese

  • bread

  • Snacks for the small appetite

It is also advisable to decide on the camping menu in advance or at least collect recipe ideas that can be prepared quickly and easily on the camping stove. For many campers, it is a matter of course to have a barbecue in the evening with the person next to you and enjoy a beer and sausages to round off the camping day.

Frittiertes Ei in einer Zeltpfanne auf Campingfeuer


Once you arrive at the campsite, the next big challenge awaits newcomers: socializing with the other campers.

But don't worry too much about stress with your pitch neighbors. Campers are generally very sociable. With respect and a sense of humor, nothing stands in the way of a stress-free camping vacation.

Read the following five tips for stress-free interaction on the pitch.

1. the art of small talk

The first contact between campers is usually made through small talk. After that, it often doesn't take long before you're invited to a barbecue or a beer in your neighbor's campervan in the evening. So if you're very lucky, you'll not only relax on your trip, but also make new friends.

2. greeting is half the battle

You should greet people in the campervan community out of politeness alone. At least give your neighbors a nod of the head if you're not in the mood for small talk. Someone who disappears into their caravan without comment is less likely to make friends and have fun on the campsite.

3. respect the pitch boundaries

As space is already limited on a campsite, you should respect the privacy of other campers and not walk across other people's pitches. Even if it would be a shortcut, take a small detour and give your neighbors privacy.

Campingplatz mit mehrere Wohnmobilen bei Nacht

4. one hand washes the other

Beginners in particular often have problems parking the caravan, finding a straight position or pitching the tent. However, as helpfulness is very important on the campsite, it certainly won't be long before a few people lend a hand. So don't worry if something doesn't work right away. Ask and accept help.

5 Maintain a considerate approach

Mutual consideration is very important. Be careful not to make unnecessary noise and empty your camping toilet regularly. This will avoid stress and complaints.


When looking for a campsite, you are spoiled for choice. When making your selection, you should consider what you expect from your camping vacation.

Are you more of a nature lover and looking for peace and freedom or would you prefer to camp on a busy campsite and be surrounded by lots of people? Should the Alps, a lake or a river be nearby? Water can be a pleasant way to cool off, especially in summer.

Would you prefer to travel north or south? Would you like to camp in the countryside or do you need a pitch for your caravan? Can you imagine booking accommodation on a campsite? How much space and privacy do you need?

When looking for the best campsite for your needs, you will come across different costs and offers. Take your time when choosing and consider helpful tips from other campers and experts.

Luftaufnahme von einem Campingplatz mit mehreren Wohnmobilen am See

Here is a brief overview of the most beautiful campsites in Germany:

1. camping and vacation park Wulfener Hals, Baltic Sea

The beautiful island of Fehmarn on the Baltic Sea is one of the sunniest places in Germany. The camping and vacation park at Wulfener Hals has already received several awards and has been named a super campsite by the ADAC.

The campsite offers 700 pitches surrounded by hedges and trees. Your dog is welcome as a loyal companion. Whether you are a permanent camper or just want to take a short vacation, this campsite is definitely worth a visit! In addition to a surf school, golf courses and a show stage, there is a comprehensive entertainment program for young and old.

2nd Südsee-Camp, Lüneburg Heath

The South Seas Camp is particularly impressive due to its fantastic location in the middle of the beautiful Lüneburg Heath, surrounded by wide meadows and large forests. Dog and owner feel right at home in the middle of nature.

From here you can go on numerous excursions in the surrounding area. Thanks to the proximity to Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover, you can take a break from camping and spend the night in a hotel during a short trip to the big city. The Heidepark Soltau and the Weltvogelpark are also nearby and offer plenty of variety for camping.

The campsite has a high ropes course, a golf course and a natural lake pool. Horse lovers will also get their money's worth at the riding stables. A really fun vacation here!

3. camping and leisure park LuxOase, Saxony

This site is located near Dresden and has been one of the most popular campsites in Germany for many years. The site boasts mini golf courses, golf courses, an adventure playground and a lake.

As a luxury campsite , the LuxOasis has a wellness area with sauna, steam bath, spa, fitness room and massages. Here you can really relax and unwind.

4. spa and vacation campsite Holmernhof Dreiquellenbad, Bavaria

In the south of Bavaria, this campsite specializes in the therapeutic effects of thermal springs. Experienced therapists offer numerous health cures in the in-house wellness center.

There is a hunting lodge with a conservatory and terrace where traditional Bavarian dishes are served. There are events every evening. During the day, you can add Passau to your itinerary, for example. There are many new things to discover there.

Hiking tours in the Bavarian Forest also attract many visitors.

If you would like to play golf during your vacation, this is also the place to be! The course is known for its proximity to the most beautiful golf courses in Europe . You can choose between four different golf clubs with well-maintained courses in the heart of nature. A day on the golf course with other campers is therefore a great idea.

5. camping and motorhome park Kamerun, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The Kamerun Camping Park is located in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District, directly on the banks of the Müritz. This makes it the perfect campsite for water sports enthusiasts and people who love surfing.

You can park your vehicle right by the water and enjoy the beautiful view. The pitches by the water are of course also very popular, as there is a bathing beach nearby.

If you don't want to get out of your motorhome but still want to get into the water, you'll find just the right thing here: as a lake camper, you have the opportunity to take your motorhome into the water on an exploration tour.

A zoo and the Müritz National Park are also nearby.

6th Camping Sanssouci Gaisberg, Potsdam

If you are looking for a mix of culture and nature, you will feel right at home at the Sanssouci campsite campsite. In the middle of Berlin and yet away from the hustle and bustle, you can relax between Potsdam's palaces, lakes and parks. Whether campervan or tents, you'll find everything here.

Sports and fun are provided by sailing and surfing facilities, fishing equipment hire, table tennis, volleyball and, of course, the swimming lake right next to the site. For children there is a playground, water sports courses and a wood workshop.

7th Camping Münstertal, Black Forest

If you are looking for wellness and health, the Camping Münstertal is the right place for you. Located in a dreamy valley in the middle of the Black Forest, this spacious campsite offers well-equipped pitches and a wide range of leisure activities.

A large indoor pool and an outdoor pool with facilities for small children, as well as a sauna area invite you to linger. There is also the opportunity to relax tense muscles with physiotherapy. Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy horse riding, mountain biking or archery. There is an adventure playground and entertainment programs for younger guests.

8th Bensersiel beach and family campsite

Rarely can vehicles park as close to the beach as in Bensersiel. As the campsite is right on the beach, you can jump straight out of your caravan into the sea. With this view, it's easy to forget you're in Germany.

In addition to mudflat walks, windsurfing and horse riding tours, you can also explore Bensersiel on a bike or simply fly a kite on the beach. There are entertainment programs for children with craft activities, treasure hunts and children's disco.

9th Naturcamping Spitzenort, Schleswig-Holstein

The grounds of the Naturcamping Spitzenort is surrounded by water on three sides - it is located directly on the shore of the Großer Plöner See. Here you can hike or drive to the nature park. On your route, you should take advantage of the numerous excursion options to the North Sea and Baltic Sea and pay a visit to Lübeck.

There is also an entertainment program and playgrounds for children. For sports enthusiasts, there are sailing courses, catamaran sailing and surfing opportunities.

10. camping island Sonnenwerth, Moselle

This simple campsite is characterized by its special location on a small island in the middle of the Moselle. If you are looking for peace and quiet and a relaxed camper vacation, you will find it right here.

On the other side, the green mountains of the wine-growing region gently stretch out. You are right at the source of the famous Moselle wine. In addition to hikes, bike tours and walks, you can also visit the fairytale Eltz Castle visit.


Luftaufnahme Campingplatz am Walchensee

1. camping Omišalj - Croatia

The Omišalj campsite is located around a beautiful bay and is particularly popular with families. Campers can even charge their electric cars here. There is a bread roll service, internet and an additional swimming pool.

The proximity to the beach and children's activities provide an ideal environment for a relaxed family vacation. Your dog is of course also very welcome. There is also a golf practice area for adults.

2nd Aminess Maravea Camping Resort - Croatia

Here you can relax on the large beach and enjoy your time in the sun. The child-friendly campsite not only offers many great attractions for children, such as trampolines, a swimming pool and entertainment programs, but also for adults.

Dogs are also welcome here. There is a bread roll service, internet and charging stations for electric cars.

3rd Zaton Holiday Resort - Croatia

This large, professionally managed resort offers the highest level of comfort and a full vacation package for a wide range of guest wishes. From the huge aqua park to the promenade with shopping mile and restaurants, you can find everything here. An entertainment program with a stage offers variety for the campers.

Secret tips include the soundproof disco and quad rental. At the Zaton Holiday Resort there is a bread roll service, internet and a charging station for electric cars. Dogs are also allowed.

4th Tahiti Camping Village - Italy

The Tahiti Camping Village in Italy is not directly on the beach, but has its own thermal spring, exceptional wellness facilities and delicious food. For the little ones, there are numerous playgrounds, an adventure pool with islands, lagoons and a stone cave as well as various water games.

To relax, you can book a massage or beauty treatment. For the more active, there is a sports center to work out, as well as sailing tours, a skate park and tennis facilities.

Of course there is a bread roll service, internet and your four-legged friends are very welcome.

5th Feddet Strand Resort - Denmark

The extensive site is located on the Feddet peninsula and offers a wide range of leisure activities such as children's playgrounds, a jungle trail, a trampoline course and a mini golf course. There is also an indoor swimming pool, a soundproof disco and a small petting zoo. Horse lovers can book guided rides or bring their own four-legged friends. To burn off some energy, you can hire pedal bikes or try out guided off-road tours on motocross bikes.

If you need some peace and quiet, you can pick blueberries on the site's own farm and make jam from them later. At the Feddet Strand Resort there is a bread roll service, internet and charging stations for electric cars.


Do you want to go camping with a caravan but don't want to invest a lot of money? With these helpful tips and tricks, you can convert an old vehicle into a caravan yourself. Think in advance about what you want from your self-built camper. How many people will be traveling with the camper? Are you traveling with a dog? What do you want to fit in your caravan?

The best car for such a conversion is a van. You can buy one second-hand on the Internet and then start the conversion. With these tips and tricks, the conversion in your individually designed caravan will be a breeze.

1. the right insulation for heat and soundproofing

Once the caravan is there, everything inside has to come out! Because before you start with the wall cladding, you should make sure you have the right insulation. This will prevent the formation of mold and condensation later on. It will also make the motorhome warmer and quieter, which is a great advantage, especially when sleeping.

Leere Ladefläche eines Vans, der zum Camper ausgebaut werden soll

2. the wall cladding

Wooden boards are suitable for wall cladding. These are available in different types and colors. Of course, you can paint the wood any color you like at the end. Construction timber or multiplex boards in various thicknesses are suitable for furniture and scaffolding, for example. OSB boards, for example, are suitable as floor panels.

3. window installation

Think about how many windows you want to install and where they should be. There are various windows that are practical for a caravan:

  • Lift and tilt windows

  • roof windows

  • Hinged windows

    Mann baut in einen Van fürs Camping ein Fenster ein

4. furniture construction

This step is probably the most difficult. Create a room plan in advance so that you know where the bed, bathroom and seating area will be. You can build most of the furniture, such as the sink, kitchen or seating area, from construction timber and then cover it with multiplex panels. If you use thinner boards, you will save weight.

Selbst eingebautes Bett aus Holz in einem Campervan

5 Wiring and power supply

But before you can even start connecting, you should consider the following:

  • Which battery (e.g. LiFePo4, AGM) should it be?

  • What capacity should the battery have?

  • How many sockets and lamps should be installed and which ones?

  • How should the battery be charged later (solar, charging booster, shore power)?

  • Is there an easily accessible earth point near the desired battery location?

Power stations can serve as a backup and facilitate the power supply. Remember that open cable ends must not be soldered together. You can use Wago terminals for extension.

The positive cables should always be fused. Never lay the cables in places where they could chafe. If you have to pass through such places, you can use empty conduits through which the cables can be pulled at the end.

Mann verwendet Wärmeschrumpfschläuche auf einem Elektro-Kabel für Camper-Ausbau

6. do you need a toilet?

Whether you want a toilet in your caravan or not is of course up to you. However, a study on the camping behavior of Germans, that most peoplevalue their own sanitary facilities and never want to camp without them again. Having your own toilet is practical, comfortable and hygienic. The BOXIO - TOILET is a compact separating toilet that does not take up much space and does not require chemicals.

7. do you need a heater?

Whether you need a heater or not depends on what time of year you want to travel. Of course, summer nights are warm and cozy, but if you also want to travel with your caravan in autumn or winter, you should consider installing a heater, otherwise it can quickly become uncomfortable.

There are different types of heating: Electric, diesel, gasoline or gas. Each heating system has its advantages and disadvantages. Ask the experts for advice.

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