Tiny house bathroom

Tiny Haus Badezimmer

Planning the bathroom in your tiny house might be the biggest challenge for you. Because often it is the smallest room and once you have installed a shower, it could be difficult to place it elsewhere.

That's why we're giving you 4 helpful tips that you should consider when planning your bathroom in your tiny house.

1. What do you do in your bathroom every day?

Depending on your habits, you will likely engage in certain activities in your bathroom such as brushing your teeth, showering, drying your hair, etc.

So that you really don't forget anything, write down a list of the things that you regularly and only occasionally do in your bathroom.
Then take a moment and think:

What do I not like about my current bathroom? What is one need that my current bathroom doesn't meet?

Is there a possibility that this item/article will become obsolete?

Do I have several of this item and can I narrow it down to my favourites?

Go through all the details (from towels, hair dryer, razors, make-up, cleaning products, brushes, etc.)

As soon as you have worked through your list, we recommend a test run in your current bathroom and after a few weeks you will notice what is practical, what you absolutely need and what you did not miss at all.
This gives you a list of everything that should be included in your bathroom.

2. Bathtub, shower or both?

Probably one of the biggest decisions. Do you love to bathe and can’t do without a bathtub, but in that case you can probably get by with less living space in other rooms?

If your answer is a resounding "yes," then you probably should too. After all, compromise decisions are regretted afterwards.

Do you love to shower and can do without a bathtub? Then your decision is clear.
Perhaps you would also like to opt for an interim solution and install a bathtub with a shower curtain.

Again, it should be noted that a bathtub naturally requires more space than a small wet cell.

3. The toilet problem

The choice of toilet does not only depend on the Porta Potti, i.e. which model you put in your bathroom, but also on a number of external factors.

Most Tiny Houses are mobile, which means you can take your house with you if you move.
If you opt for a ''fixed toilet'', you will also need a sewage system or your own septic tank.

This should be available on your property or, if in doubt, you can create it yourself or have it created.

Unfortunately, it is not cheap to build your own sewage collection pit and this requires regular maintenance. So a permanent cost factor that should be well considered.

A very common and also very practical solution is a dry composting toilet. Here you have a container for the urine and one for the solid legacies.
Because the two are separated and you simply cover the droppings with, for example, some hemp litter, nothing stinks and you can easily empty the respective containers after a few days.

The urine can be "diluted" in different proportions and used as fertilizer for your plants, for example.
You can dispose of the excrement in the residual waste or you compost it and give it to the plants as fertilizer.

4. The storage problem

In the beginning you questioned and sorted things out. Accordingly, you only need storage space for the really important things in your bathroom.

One way to store things is, for example, above the entrance door to the bathroom. This is often a space that is out of our field of vision. A shelf placed there gives you a way to store towels or containers that are used less often, for example.

How about a shelf right in the wall? These are simply partially embedded in the wall like a small open cupboard, giving you additional storage space without having a shelf in the middle of the room.

Pull-out shelves, similar to a chemist's cupboard, are particularly practical. They often fit into the smallest corner, but give you a lot of storage space.

In order to have more storage space in the individual shelves and drawers, various organizers are particularly suitable. In other words, small separation aids, baskets, boxes, etc., in which various things are sorted and compressed so that everything doesn't fly around loose and requires more storage space than desired.

We hope we were able to help you with this post and wish you lots of fun sorting out and planning your bathroom.

Your BOXIO team

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