The 6 must-haves for the ultimate Mini Camper adventure

Die 6 Must-haves für das ultimative Mini Camper-Abenteuer

More and more people are discovering the freedom of camping and opting for adventure on wheels. Whether with a MiniCamper or a car converted into a camper, traveling with your own mobile home is the trend. But what equipment is really indispensable? In this article we present you 6 must haves, belong to the basic equipment when camping, but also make it more comfortable. 

  1. The Boxio Separating Toilet: One of the basic challenges of camping is going to the toilet. This is where the Boxio separation toilet comes into play. Unlike conventional chemical toilets, it works on the principle of separating urine from solids. This has several advantages: For one, it reduces unpleasant odors because the feces are collected separately. Secondly, the disposal is more environmentally friendly, as no chemicals are added. The Boxio separation toilet is also compact and lightweight, easy to install and clean. It fits perfectly in the limited space of a MiniCamper and offers the comfort of a conventional toilet.
  2. The washbasin with integrated shower: hygiene and freshness are important even on the road. With Boxio's sink that offers an integrated shower function, you have the possibility to wash and shower whenever you want. The compact design fits into any MiniCamper and allows you to stay fresh even in the smallest spaces. The shower is powered by a water connection and can be easily connected to an existing water tank or an external water source. The sink also offers the possibility to wash your dishes. The integrated hand pump makes this possible without electricity.
  1. Sleeping and seating arrangements: A comfortable bed is essential for resting after a long day of adventures. It's best to opt for a comfortable bed that can easily be converted into a seat to create more space during the day. A fold-out table and comfortable chairs can also be a great advantage to have something to eat or use as a work area. 
  1. Kitchen equipment: A well-equipped kitchen makes camping much more enjoyable. Make sure your MiniCamper has a refrigerator, gas stove or hot plate to prepare meals. Some Mini Campers also have a built-in sink with running water, making it easier to wash dishes. If this is not the case, mobile sinks or camping sinks can be a practical alternative.

In addition, the following kitchen utensils and appliances are helpful:

  • Cookware and pans: Invest in high-quality, lightweight cookware and pans that can be stored to save space. Pots, pans and a coffee maker should not be missing from any camper's kitchen.
  • Dinnerware and Cutlery: Make sure you have enough plates, bowls, glasses, cups and cutlery for everyone traveling with you. Opt for break-resistant and lightweight dinnerware that is ideal for camping use.
  • Kitchen utensils: Don't forget the basic kitchen utensils like a knife, cutting board, cooking spoon, spatula, can opener and bottle opener. These little helpers will make your meal preparation easier.
  • Storage containers: use airtight containers to keep food fresh and save space. They're also great for storing leftovers or snacks on the go.
  • Cleaning supplies: pack dish soap, sponges, cleaning cloths and trash bags. A small broom or hand vacuum can also be useful for keeping the camper tidy.
  1. Storage space and organization: In a Mini Camper, the available storage space is limited. Good organization is therefore essential to make the most of the space. It's best to use stackable bins, bags or baskets to neatly store food, clothing, gear and other personal items. A convenient closet system or shelving can help make the most of storage space and keep items easily accessible.


  1. Safety Equipment: When camping, it is important to always keep safety in mind. Here are some essential safety equipment for your MiniCamper adventure:
  • Fire extinguisher: Make sure that there is a fire extinguisher in your vehicle. This is an important safety precaution to be able to react quickly in case of fire.
  • First Aid Kit: No camper should be without a well-stocked first aid kit. It should contain bandages, disinfectant, painkillers, band-aids and other essentials.
  • High-visibility vests: Always have a high-visibility vest on hand to be visible in case of an emergency, such as a broken down car.
  • Emergency equipment: always pack a flashlight, batteries, a multitool, a pocket knife and a portable charger for your cell phone. These items can be very useful in emergencies.


  1. Camping Accessories: In addition to the above must-haves, there are other camping accessories that can enhance your mini camper adventure, but are more of a "luxury item" if you still have enough space. 

Here are some examples:

  • Camping chairs and table: Comfortable and foldable camping chairs and a portable table are ideal for relaxing outside and enjoying outdoor meals.
  • Sun shade: A parasol, awning or awning can provide shade and protect you from excessive sunlight.


When camping with a MiniCamper or a car as a camper, it is important to keep both comfort and safety in mind. Besides the Boxio separation toilet and sink with integrated shower, you should also think about sleeping and seating facilities, a well-equipped kitchen, sufficient storage space, safety equipment and other camping accessories. With the right equipment and preparation, you can enjoy your Mini Camper adventure to the fullest while traveling safely and comfortably.

Your Boxio Team

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