Camping essentials - these things belong on the camping checklist

Camping-Grundausstattung – diese Dinge gehören auf die Camping-Checkliste

The next camping holiday is coming up and you don't know what is part of the basic camping equipment? In our camping checklist we have listed things that you should not forget on your next trip to the campsite.

What is essential for camping equipment?

What do you need for camping?

Immerse yourself in nature, pure relaxation, lots of fun and absolute independence - these words describe camping perfectly. Anyone who has ever been camping knows that you have to think of many small things that should go on the trip.

Good organization before the trip is already half the battle. You should adapt your packing list depending on whether you are traveling in a mobile home, using the tent as a place to sleep or owning a campervan. Small spoiler: A mobile home is of course already equipped with many things.

In the following we give you tips on what to pack for the next camping trip and which utensils will make your life on the campsite easier.

Basic camping equipment for the mobile home

The motorhome is the most comfortable way to travel. The big advantage: you don't need things like a sleeping bag, a tent or a sleeping mat, and cooking utensils are usually available in the camper. Nonetheless, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • awning

Even in the most beautiful caravan, things can get a little cramped in the long run. An awning not only offers additional storage space, but also allows you to sit outside on rainy days.

  • Cable drum or extension cord

In order to be able to connect the mobile home outdoors on the campsite, you need a supply line that can be connected via a CEE plug. So make sure you always have a cable drum or extension cord with you.

  • cooling box

Even though many motorhomes have an integrated fridge, it doesn't hurt to have a separate cool box with you. The BOXIO cool box has an insulating insert made of styrofoam and keeps food and drinks warm or cold as needed.

  • Mobile sink

A mobile camping sink is a hygienic solution for on the go and perfect if there is no built-in sink in the motorhome. The BOXIO-Wash works without a power or water connection and is light and easy to transport. So you can also rinse or wash yourself outside in the fresh air.

When it comes to basic camping equipment, there are a few things to consider

What do you need for camping?

The must-haves when camping include a few more things on your own packing list than when camping with a caravan. Choosing the right tent is of course at the top of the list : the tent should definitely be able to withstand wet, rain, sun and wind. The size depends on whether you are staying in the tent alone, with your family and children or with friends.

In addition to the right tent, you definitely need the following basic camping equipment:

  • mattress or air mattress

Nobody likes to sleep on a hard surface. A sleeping pad is the perfect solution for a few nights in a tent. Sleeping pads hardly take up any space and are laid out in no time. If you like it a little more comfortable and have planned several nights, an air mattress is more suitable. We recommend a self-inflatable air mattress so you don't have to pack an extra air pump.

  • Sleeping bag

Don't skimp on the sleeping bag to make the night as comfortable as possible.
Choosing the right sleeping bag for camping depends on various factors, such as the planned time of year and weather conditions, individual sensitivity to cold and the type of camping trip.

An important factor when choosing a sleeping bag is the type of insulation . A distinction is made here between down and synthetic fiber insulation.

Down is very light, warm and compressible and offers excellent insulation. A down sleeping bag is therefore a good choice for colder nights or tours where weight and pack size play an important role.

Synthetic insulation, on the other hand, consists of fibers such as polyester that are processed in a specific way to form an insulating layer. They provide good insulation even when wet, are more resistant to moisture and dry faster than down sleeping bags. Therefore, they are a better choice for tours with adverse weather conditions or in a humid environment.

Ultimately, you are spoiled for choice. Which sleeping bag you prefer depends on your own needs and conditions.

  • camping stove

A hot meal a day is also important when camping. Whether it's a legendary pasta party or the omelette in the morning - a camping stove should be part of the basic equipment when camping. We recommend a gas cooker that does not need to be connected to the mains and is easy to use. Don't forget plates and cutlery!

  • flashlight

Unpowered light sources are important when camping. Even if the smartphone can easily replace the classic flashlight these days, it's not a bad idea to always have one ready. Especially when it is wet, it is advisable to use a flashlight instead of your smartphone.

  • to eat and drink

It doesn't matter whether it's a full meal, nutritious snacks or a pasta pack - sufficient food and drink should not be missing when camping. It is best to plan the dishes before you travel, which can be easily prepared with the camping stove. With the BOXIO-Cool you can also take cheese, fresh vegetables or sausages with you, which stay nice and fresh in the cool box.

What do you absolutely have to have with you when camping?

These things should definitely be part of the basic camping equipment if you want to go camping. A first-aid kit and a pocket knife are also a good idea. If you are camping for several days, then a table and chairs for outside are not wrong - after all, you can't stand the tent for hours.

When camping, the packing list is a little longer than when camping with a caravan

Washing and rinsing facilities for dirty dishes and for personal hygiene are just as important. With a mobile sink and a mobile toilet, you save yourself the trip to the sanitary facilities, which can be a little challenging, especially at night. The BOXIO-Toilet and BOXIO-Wash are ideal for this .

Both products take up little space, are very light and are the perfect utensil for camping. They do not require a water or electricity connection and can be used on the go. Disposal after using the separation toilet is also child's play: the solids can be disposed of well packed in the residual waste and the urine canister emptied in any toilet.

The BOXIO toilet is the ideal solution if there is no public toilet nearby, you are going to a festival or you are staying overnight in the wilderness .

The advantages of the BOXIO toilet when camping are:

  • Capacity for 8-10 toilet trips
  • sustainable product made from recycled plastic
  • easy to clean thanks to divider insert
  • stackable and easy to store
  • no electricity and water consumption

The BOXIO toilet and BOXIO wash are part of the basic equipment on the campsite

Camping packing list: Important things for the next camping holiday

So there is a lot to consider for your next camping trip. The above basic equipment should not be missing in your travel bag so that camping does not turn into an unforeseen adventure. For the next holiday we have put all the important things for your equipment in a checklist:

Camping must haves

  • tent and pegs
  • Sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • BOXIO Wash
  • camping stove
  • cooking utensils
  • Eat Drink
  • BOXIO cool
  • First Aid Kit
  • Table
  • chairs
  • awning
  • Cash
  • health insurance card
  • ID

Camping Gadgets

  • flashlight
  • cable reel
  • lighter
  • pocket knife
  • power bank

camping hygiene

With the above packing list, you are well equipped for your next holiday, whether you are a beginner or an advanced camper. Of course, the camping equipment can be expanded at will - depending on how long you have planned the camping.

So what are you waiting for? Off to the next adventure!

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