5 Ultimate Tips for Growing Your Vegetable Garden

5 ultimative Tipps zum Anlegen deines Gemüsegartens

Do you have an allotment garden and want to grow your own vegetables? With a little planning, patience and dedication, you can turn your garden site into a productive eco-oasis. We'll show you the steps you should take to create your garden and how you can successfully start the gardening season.

  • Plan your garden:
  • First, you should think about what you want to plant.

    Which vegetables are best suited to your climate and which are needed for the season?

    Don't plant too much at once - take your time and plan to plant your vegetables in stages to keep the harvest manageable.

    Once you've decided on everything, mark the ground and look at ordering the plants. Rough planning should be enough for this.

  • Prepare the ground:
  • In order for plants to thrive, it is important to properly prepare the soil. For vegetable gardens, look for soil that contains compost.

    In addition, you need to measure the pH of the soil - the optimal pH is 6.5 - 7. Many still choose to completely remove the "weeds".

    However, most of the time these methods are not really ecological and it is now proven that certain plants support each other to grow better. If you want to know more about this topic, please have a look at the terms "natural garden" or "permaculture".

  • Start planting:
  • After you have prepared the soil, you can finally start growing vegetables! Each vegetable has different conditions - make sure you have all the information before you start planting:

    How deep do you need to plant the seeds? How deep is the spacing between plants? How often do you need to water? Is the variety resistant to disease?

    Insider tip: In various Facebook groups you can also get really old seeds. So no highly cultivated fruits and vegetables that have to be completely resown every season and taste really delicious.

  • Garden season starts!
  • Have you planted all the plants? Then it's time to wait for them to grow! Be patient - it takes time until everything can be harvested and check regularly if everything is okay: Is there still enough sun? Has mold or fungus formed anywhere? Timely treatment can avoid unpleasant consequences and help you to successfully complete your harvest!

  • Water supply & sanitary facility
  • Not every allotment has a working water and sanitation system. With the Boxio-Wash, a sink that allows you to wash your hands, rinse off or shower without electricity, and the Boxio-Toilet, which is a dry separation toilet, you are also optimally supplied in this area.

    Now you too are ready for the gardening season! With a little planning and patience, anyone can realize their dream of having their own vegetable garden in the allotment - the results are definitely worth it! So get to work and soon enjoy fresh vegetables from your own production!

    Your Boxio Team

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